August 18, 2017

Columbia Gorge Racing Association

The mission of the Columbia Gorge Racing Association is to foster the sport of competitive sailing in the Columbia River Gorge by conducting regional, national, and international regattas and providing quality training opportunities for aspiring competitors.

A passion for sailing…and a perfect place to sail! That’s what you’ll find here in the Columbia River Gorge, a National Scenic Area blessed with breathtaking vistas, fresh water, friendly people, and – most importantly – plenty of breeze!

You’ll also find us, the Columbia Gorge Racing Association, a volunteer group of local sailors who are passionate about our sport and eager to introduce the one-design sailing world to this extraordinary venue.

Based in Cascade Locks, Oregon, CGRA has been promoting small boat sailing events in the Gorge since 1996. Today, CGRA enjoys a reputation for excellence in regatta management and continues to host a growing number of premiere one-design regattas, national, North American, and world championships.



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